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Buying a new home is probably the biggest investment youll ever make. And its a decision that will affect you for years to come. The process can be extremely stressful and confusing. And of course, there is always considerable risk involved when making such a large purchase decision. A professional inspection will significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful.

money back guarantee

At M.K.I. Home Inspections we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services, so we offer a 110% Guarantee! That’s right, if your not 100% satisfied with our service we will refund your money and give you 10% of the fee paid! We are confident that our service speaks for itself!

Your Premium Home Inspection includes:

A Premium Inspection Report

Full narrative style report customized to each home, with extensive digital captioned photos and illustrations. NO simplistic checklist form that’s easy for the inspector, but hard for you to decipher.

A Summary Report

Your report also includes a summary section generalizing conditions of the entire home so that you can get to the important stuff right away!

Color Coded Comments

Color coded comments distinguishing severity of the situation. (Some lenders even require this)

Save Big Bread Service

Save Big Bread service is designed to help you find rebates specifically for your area that save you money on things like heating and air conditioning and going solar!

Recallchek Services

RecallChek is a service provided by M.K.I. Home inspections that will e-mail you if an appliance in your household is under a recall and tell you how to contact the manufacturer to get it fixed. You can also remove and add more products as time goes forward!

Free 90 Day Home Warranty

You will receive a free 90 day home warranty with your premium inspection!

A Home Owners Book

Included is a free  home maintenance book to help you understand and maintain your home.

Other Extras Include

Also included is a free component and system service life expectancy chart! Inside your report you will also find safety information, website referrals, and reprinted articles relevant to your home’s conditions.

Your premium inspection is an order away!

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