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M.K.I. home inspections proudly presents;

A new way to approach home inspections!

As a real estate professional, you have probably experienced frustration, and delays, due to the unfortunate findings of a home inspection. Perhaps you have even lost a sale. Unfortunately, a home inspector can not help what the inspection turns up. The problems or situations are already there when we arrive. However, it is the timing of a home inspection that contributes mostly to these problems. The home inspection is usually thrown in at the last minute, and can be very frustrating to excited buyers and sellers alike.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get the inspection done up front, when a home first goes on the market? No last minute surprises, no dismayed buyers?

But the cost, you say, many sellers simply do not want to spend the money! Well, what if you could get a home inspection up front, with no cost, until the house sells?

Thats right, M.K.I. home inspection Co. will conduct a thorough home inspection, for the sellers, and wait to get paid when the house sells! *

Now, both the seller and the listing agent can be fully aware of the homes true condition, prior to entertaining offers, and perhaps even before setting a price. The report will also help with fulfilling complete disclosure. Using this method, the seller can repair any of the situations found, as they so desire, and simply disclose the rest, that they do not want to repair or upgrade. A buyer will be able to view the report when previewing the property, or display the report at open house. By then, many items will probably have been corrected! The buyer can then have the home reviewed, if so desired, prior to closing, by M.K.I. home inspections, ( at a reduced rate, no less) or another home inspection company of their choosing, but more than likely they will be satisfied with the original report.

Really, how much easier would that make things?

I realize this shifts the fee for a home inspection from buyer to seller, but the fee for a home inspection remains just a small percentage of the home sale price, yet it can be so important. Wouldnt it be worth it to deal with problems up front? The fee could probably be negotiated into the deal, anyway!

To make things even sweeter, M.K.I. home inspection Co. will offer a reduced price fee for re-evaluating the dwelling, or another full home inspection, if needed, or desired.

So call today, to schedule an inspection up front, and enjoy a smoother transaction!

Your client will receive a full narrative style report, with digital photos and captions, Describing the problem, and referring them to the proper professional for further review

And/or repair.

Please see our brochure for inspector’s qualifications, and credentials. (One of the most qualified inspectors around!)

(* Up to six months, at which time the amount will become due)


Looking for a top quality home inspection company?

Tired of inspectors that are learning on your time?

Try M.K.I. Home inspection services!

Matthew K. Irion, Home inspector

(Formerly of InspecTech Corp.)


We offer:

  • A highly trained, experienced inspector- 12 years experience as a full time home inspector-app. 4,000 homes inspected to date-at least 400 hours of continuing education.
  • Bonded, and fully insured, both errors and omissions ( E & O )- covering agents and brokers, as well, and General liability.
  • Licensed General Contractor-18 years construction experience
  • Inspector member of CREIA, the California Real Estate Inspection Association. Fully tested, not an affiliate or candidate. Secretary of local Delta chapter, 2002-2004.
  • Affiliate member, Central Valley Association of Realtors
  • Full Narrative style report, using state of the art software, one of the most widely used versions available to home Inspectors, nationwide. Complete with digital photos, delivered next day. Report is uploaded to the web, often the same day! Summary section assists agents and buyers in determining what might need immediate attention, or remediation. Don’t expose yourself to liability with an outdated, unsubstantial, checklist or fill in the blanks type report. Buyer also receives a high quality, homeowners manual, for taking care of their investment! Great for first time home buyers!
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