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premium home inspectionThe report you get from MKI Home Inspections is one of the best around. you get a full narrative style report customized to each home, with extensive digital captioned photos and illustrations. NO simplistic checklist form that’s easy for the inspector but hard for you to decipher.


Click the button in the middle labeled “click to read” to open the report viewer in full screen mode. From there you can use the back and forward arrows to move from page to page or use the control panel area located at the top.To view the summary report sample press the “next” button at the bottom of the report sample viewer.

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You can share the report sample to clients or anyone else easily using the social share buttons in the top left corner or simply send them to this page.

Sample Report Viewer

Request a sample report

Realtors, good news! If you would like to request a sample report to share with clients in your office to see the full binder report you can contact me here and request one through email or just give me a call.

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