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Testimonials from past clients

“I have used matt on two homes now and I’m completly satisfied.”

“Great Detailed report of our new home. Thank you.”

“MKI did a great, great job! definitely went above and beyond our expectations. we will, and have, recommended you to our friends and family. Thank you so much!”

“Great job – Thanks!”

“Excellent inspection experience. Thank you!”

“It was great to be walked in person through the inspection.”

“best inspection report. Most thorough I’ve ever had done in five total home buying experiences across the country.”

“We were really extremely happy with with the inspection/inspector and thought we got a great bargain. Will definitely recommend.”

“Report was very helpful. I’m glad I had the property inspected.”

“Thank you for the outstanding job. We appreciate your expertise.”

“extremely helpful in every area of the home. knowledge of wear and repair was good.”

” Excellent report format. The e-mail version was particularly helpful. Great response time. Thank-You!”

” Exceeded expectations! Great work!.”

“Very informative- well worth the money!”

” I’m so glad we had this done- we learned so much about the house!”

” I can’t imagine anyone going through with a real estate transaction without first getting a home inspection. It is sooo worth it!”

” clearly worded-easy to understand- A very valuable service!”

Testimonials from Real Estate agents

Actual letter

” I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with your inspection and report on ___ Springfield way, Turlock.

As we discussed when I met you at the property I am not a big fan of ” home inspections”, as the past experience I have is that they are” nit-picky deal blowers”. However, you certainly swayed me with your report.

I have never been as impressed with a home inspection, or any inspection, for that matter, in my 14+ years in the business as a realtor.

You were on time and ready to begin at the appointment time, and very understanding about the concerns I expressed to you. It is unusual for an inspector to take the time to hear us out about our concerns,and then back it up with the professionalism you displayed.

It was a pleasure to read your report, as it was clearly worded, and easily understood, by both myself, and more importantly, the buyer. I was so impressed with the report that you offered, that I presented your report to my office staff at our weekly sales meeting on tuesday, March 14th. you should know that I am not one to be easily swayed once I have made a decision about something, including business practices.

I am sure that when the rest of my associates are in need of the services you provide, you will be the first to be contacted. In the future I will recommend your services at the first hint that either the buyer or seller is even thinking of having a home inspection.

Congratulations, you have restored my faith in home inspectors, or at least in your method of fair and concise inspecting, and reporting findings in a fair and responsible manner.

I look forward to working with you again. THANKS!”


Martha L. Griffith,

Realtor, Weeks Real Estate

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